Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Coffee Break

So I've been a little bit fail with the blogging lately.  I do have some drafts in the queue, I just haven't been able (okay, motivated) to get them worked into shape.  I feel like I'm just sitting and staring at the screen a lot and day dreaming about coffee, or chocolate, or a mocha.  Then I start to wonder if it's too early to start drinking wine yet and then I realize that's problematic because I'm still at work and it would just be a really bad idea to be drinking at work.  Well it would be a brilliant idea, but still a bad one too.

Also, allergies, and sickness is all around this time of year.  I'm currently combating fuzzy head/snot nose and trying like heck to not get the flu that has penetrated the office.

So clearly I need to wake up, avoid the booze (until happy home time), keep healthy and get back into the writing.  I promise I'll have something up here again other than Journal Day prompts (and I just got the next one-yay!) and this silly little post.  If you are still here reading, thanks for sticking around.


  1. Sometimes you just need a time-out, no? My life is a series of goal-fail-timeout-backtoit... etc.

    1. Ha ha, I constantly need a time out! ;) I think that sometimes work just really kicks my butt. It can be hard to be creative after a draining day at the office. I just need to work on balance. I totally feel you on the goal-fail-timeout-backtoit... etc. You'll have to let me know if you ever find the way to beat it! ;)