Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Prompt:  In 500 words tell the story of spider and his death. 

Pablo was having really bad luck catching food.  No matter how he built his web, nothing was coming his way.  His instinct told him it was time to move on or starve.  He gently descended downward on a single strand of silk from his spinnerets, cautiously feeling his way with his delicate, hairy legs.  He touched down and with a last look; he severed himself from his home.

He could feel a very slight breeze on his bristles and thought if he followed that he might have luck finding food.  Pablo scurried forward, stopping to feel for vibrations and to make sure he was not straying from the breeze.  When Pablo came up to an edge he carefully felt around to see if he should go over the edge or follow it.  His instinct told him to go down and follow the breeze, so down he crawled.  The space became tight, but he could feel he way through and found himself in a bright area with a nice breeze.  His spider senses were tingling, he hoped this meant he would find a meal soon.  First he had to make a new web.

When Pablo found the perfect spot he set his first anchor and begun the process of building his web.  He took his and used lots of lines, he hoped to catch several meals.  There had been remnants of another web there; he briefly wondered where the other spider was as he was weaving his web.  When he was finished he crawled up to his hub to conserve energy and wait.  He acquainted himself with the feel of the breeze and the tremors of his new web while he waited.

When the vibrations increased he knew there was something in his web.  He cautiously descended from his hub; if he wasn't careful his prey might attack him or knock him from his web.  He approached the place the vibrations were coming from; they were not as strong or urgent as they had been.  Good.  His prey was tiring.  That would make his work easier.  He began wrapping his prey carefully in silk.  Once Pablo was sure his meal was secure and he was safe from harm, he slid his fangs in and injected his meal with a paralytic and digestive fluids.  As he was enjoying his meal he felt new vibrations in his web; his next meal!

Now that he had fed he was less anxious.  He took the time to groom himself while he waited for his prey to tire.  He cleaned his fangs and eyes, and was generally feeling good about his move.  When the vibrations lessened he slowly crept over to investigate.  His prey was good and tired and securely stuck in his web, so he began to systematical wrap his next meal.

Out of nowhere the breeze suddenly picked up, and the light faded.  Pablo was torn between his next meal and getting to safety.  As he was crawling back to his hub he was plucked from his web.  He felt some of his legs break away as he was swallowed by a bird.

Goodbye Pablo.

Thank you for the prompt Lady Loki! 

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