Saturday, August 9, 2014

Puppy and her Toy

I haven't posted any cat pictures for awhile.  I guess I haven't really been taking as many pictures, or I'm just lazy.  What ever the case, these pictures were too cute not to share!

When my friend from Georgia visited, she brought Puppy some presents.  One of them was a catnip cigar.  This is Puppy enjoying her cigar!

Checking it out...seeing if it's worth her notice.

Definitely interested.

Clearly it belongs to her-and if we try to take it we will come away with a bloody stump!

She actually really likes it.  Unfortunately, catnip makes Puppy mean.  She doesn't get it very often, but when she does she's really cute with it.  We just have to wait for her to be completely done with it.  Then she removes herself from the toy and we are able to put it away without incident.  Whatever her mood, she's always entertaining and we are crazy about her.  I am a crazy cat lady.

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