Thursday, July 24, 2014

Taking Stock

I thought maybe I'd try to post one of these once a month.  Here is one for July!

Making:  Piles.  I'm trying to pick up some of my messes and put stuff away.  I have a lot of sorting I need to do.  How does that happen?

Cooking:  Nothing right now.  Maybe I'll find some inspiration this weekend!  I really wish I didn't crave junk food, because I just can't make and have that stuff in the house.

Drinking:  Dr. Pepper and water.

Reading:  Re-reading "Living Dead in Dallas" by Charlaine Harris.  I wish the TV show wouldn't have gone so far off track.

Looking:  Forward to having my husband home.  He's been out of town for work and I really miss him when he's gone.  I don't like time away from him, and I know he's not happy either.  I'm looking forward to the first hug when he comes into the house.

Playing:  Facebook games.  I can't help myself.

Wasting:  Time.  I'm restless and having a hard time focusing on one task.

Sewing:  I'm working on getting my next project mapped out.  I finished the secret project, it's in someone else's hands now.  It's nice to be done with it and able to start my next one.

Wishing:  For a long weekend.  I wish this weekend was a three day (or longer, hee hee) weekend.

Enjoying:  So You Think You Can Dance.  I look forward to it every season, and I can't wait to watch last nights episode with David this weekend.  So much talent, and amazing dancing!

Waiting:  For David's plan to land.  (Can you tell I miss him?)

Liking:  The crazy blue nail polish I have on.  (it's called Liberty)

Wondering:  What tomorrow has in store for me.

Loving:  My husband.  Always.

Hoping:  Tomorrow goes fast.

Marveling:  At how fast the grass has been growing.

Needing:  A beach weekend with David.  We will have one, just have to survive the summer first!

Smelling:  The lingering aroma of sweet potato fries.

Wearing:  Casual attire.  T-shirt and jeans with red converse.

Following:  Several texts with friends and family.

Noticing:  I'm really good at spacing out and getting distracted.

Feeling:  Wiped out.

Opening:  Browser windows, so I can blog and play Facebook games.

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  1. Love your taking stock posts! It's always cathartic for me to do these every so often. I can commiserate on missing The Husband. Mine's out of town every so often and I never enjoy it. I fill my time up with reading and cleaning and fun time with my church friends (the ladies get together for a dinner once a month and it's awesome), but nothing really compares to spending time with our sweeties, does it? :)