Friday, July 10, 2015


Doing:  Lunch break at work-trying to find my motivation/sanity.

Thinking about:  The weekend. I know I'm always thinking about the weekend, but weekends right now are a big deal. Last weekend we moved, now we get to learn our area and set up our new home. We also have to take care of the old home and getting it on the market. Yeah, lots going on!

Watching:  So You Think You Can Dance. We are also re-watching The Sopranos because some times you just need to go there.

Looking forward to:  The time when we are all unpacked and settled in at the new home, and the old home is sold.

Reading:  I have read so many books that I need to blog about.  I'm currently re-reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Loving:  My husband.

Sorry I haven't been bloggy lately. I will get back into posting and sharing, just have been way to busy and tired. Just know we are still around, we are well, and life is insane as always!

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