Monday, August 10, 2015

The Great Move

I know it's been awhile, but we've been dealing with the insanity that is moving. Thankfully, we are all moved in to the new place-including having a fair number of boxes unpacked. It actually feels like home! We've also been dealing with getting the old house officially done, and on the market-which happened and now we are going through the selling process (a whole other blog post). It feels like we've been constantly doing doing doing, and haven't had a chance to catch our breath and enjoy our new location. While that's mostly true, it isn't entirely. But let me tell you about the move first.

We were able to schedule things when we had a three day weekend. David took the whole week off to deal with packing and scheduling of various services (and cancelling various services). We had done a fair amount of the packing before the guys came to pack us up. The day of the move, we loaded up my car with all it could hold-including the precious cargo that is our cat. The weeks leading up to the move were pretty stressful for her. Things kept disappearing, there were boxes everywhere. She knew something was up and she was not happy. That morning, as we stuffed her into her kitty carrier and put her in the car she let us know what was happening was not acceptable, under any terms. I left with the cat before the movers got there. I stopped quickly for gas and then hit the road. Just as I was heading down the ramp to merge onto I-5 David called me. He was hoping I was still getting gas because in my haste to get on the road I had forgotten to pack her food and water bowls. It was too late, I was going to have to figure something else out. She meowed the first 5-10 minutes but then stopped and resorted to hanging out in the far back corner of her carrier and glaring at me with all her might.

The drive was uneventful and we made it to the new place in good time. I was able to pull into the garage so I could unload what I brought up-starting with anger bag of course. I took her up to the second floor and set her carrier in a spot I knew she would keep cool (it was a really hot day). I left her in the carrier while she settled down, and so I could unload without worrying where she may have run off to, and so she wouldn't get out of the new home. The unloading went quick, and once I knew I was going to be there for a bit (still had to figure out food and water bowls) I opened the door to her carrier so she could come out on her own terms. I texted a few people who lived nearby to see if anyone could hook me up with some bowls for the cat. My friend Angela was able to help me out, and would head over and be the cat's hero for the day. Meanwhile, the cat is still in the back corner of her carrier and freaked out. Since I was about to add more stress to the mix, I decided to take her up and put her in our bedroom-she was going to be put in our bathroom when the movers arrived so it seemed like a good idea. I carried her potty and a blanket up and put them in the bathroom. I closed the bedroom door so she couldn't explore too much and opened her carrier door once again. She came right out, let out a huge meow and promptly went into our closet where she stood and meowed for five minutes. I went over and picked her up, she let me carry her around the third floor while I took her into each room and had her sniff things. After that, I put her in the bathroom and closed the door, since Angela would arrive soon. We'd be able to come up with food and water for her and hopefully she would be set while the moving insanity took place.

Angela arrived and saved the day. I got to give Angela a quick tour, and then we took food and water up for Riley. When I opened the bathroom door, there was no cat to be seen, and her blanket it had moved from one corner to in front of her potty. I gently touched the blanket and it made a little "mew" sound. I lifted up a corner and there was my terrified kitty, who in turn tried to burrow back under the blanket. I carefully moved the blanket back, and she scuttled back under it. I put down her food and water and tried to talk soothingly to her. Angela and I let her alone because she was clearly not interested in any comfort from us, and there were still things to be done.

Scared kitty
I had to move my car out of the garage, because we were going to be unloading the moving truck into the garage and then moving things into the house. I was able to find a parking spot and as I was getting out I had a missed calls from David. I called him back, they were on their way, could I stop at the bank for more tip money (we had last minute added a second moving truck because all our stuff wouldn't fit in one, we were going to have to schedule another day or figure something else out but then at the last minute a second truck freed up and we took advantage of it), and some lunch. I was unsure of the area, and a little nervous about losing the parking spot so Angela drove me around (thankfully it was all pretty close) and we got the quick errands done. When we pulled in David was there waiting for the first truck to arrive. The crazy was really about to begin.

Did I mention we did this on one of the first hottest days of the summer? The next many many hours were spent with David trying to direct the movers where to put things. Then, the poor lads, had to run up and down the stairs with objects varying in weight. Of course a big chunk of the really heavy stuff was going up to the third floor. These guys hustled up and down those stairs. The once empty new house became a maze of boxes-daunting to look at let alone thinking about where to start with the unpacking. It took a few hours to unload the first truck, then the second truck backed in and it took a few hours to unload that one. At the end of the day, everything we were moving to the new house was there-including some things we thought we'd have to move ourselves. And we didn't have to haul the heavy items up and down the stairs ourselves. Best. Money. Spent. Ever.

Everyone left, and we found ourselves finally in our new home completely overwhelmed with where to start. Then Angela saved the day (again) by suggesting we meet up for dinner. We got cleaned up and met her, her hubby and daughter at The Cedar Hills McMenamins and had a fantastic dinner! It was the perfect way to spend our first evening in our now town and our new home.

A much happier kitty

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