Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Taking Stock

This is another post I'm considering a journal prompt even though it's not one of the Journal Day prompts.  It sparked my interest, and since I'm still writing constipated I figured I'd run with it.

Making:  Plans.  I have a friend from my World of Warcraft family that wants to come out and meet us.  I've known her online/thru texts for at least seven years, if not more.  We are working on planning the great meet-up.

Cooking:  Nothing right now, I'm at work on my lunch break.  I'm lucky, my husband does most (usually all) the cooking.  I am more of a cookie or pie baker.

Drinking:  Coffee, luscious brown liquid of life.  Once that's gone I'll switch to water until I get home and can switch to wine.

Reading:  The Ambassador's Mission, by Trudy Canavan.  It's the first book in the sequel trilogy to her Black Magician Trilogy I just finished.

Looking:  Forward to my tattoo being healed.  The swelling is just about all gone, and it's not as sore and no longer has its own heartbeat.  It's entering the about to peel and itch stage.  I'm ready for that to hurry up and come and go.

Playing:  Music, I love using my iPad as a radio at work.  Currently I'm listening to my KNRK playlist (named after a local radio station 94.7 KNRK) because all the songs on the playlist I heard on that station).

Wasting:  Time.  /sigh.  (I don't mean this post is wasting time, I just mean in general I feel like I'm not taking advantage of my time and writing or reading enough.)

Sewing:  Cross-stitching for a secret project.  I need to get back into working on it.  I stopped because I was having some joint pain in my hands.  I have about 3 pieces to finish, I'm so close!

Wishing:  My back felt better.  It's sore, and I'm worried I'm going to wake up one morning and find I can't get out of bed because moving causes so much pain. (I get overly paranoid about specific things, this is one of them)

Enjoying:  Stepping away from TV (much easier now that shows are wrapping up for the summer) and reading with David.  I like the time snuggled up with him while we are feeding our imaginations.

Waiting:  For this work day to be over.

Liking:  My Cute Animals to Look at On a Bad Day Pinterest board.  So much fuzzy cuteness...

Wondering:  What really did come first, the chicken or the egg?

Loving:  My husband.  Always, constantly.

Hoping:  I will sleep well tonight.

Marveling:  At the stupidity of others.  Seriously. /headdesk

Needing:  A recharge with my husband.  Seems like life is a little crazy right now and it's getting tougher to shake the stress residue.

Smelling:  My coffee.  (I hope it's not my coffee breath)

Wearing:  Appropriate work attire, covering all the tattoos.

Following:  Ya Ya Han on Twitter and Instagram.  Cosplay amuses me, and she is amazing!

Noticing:  That it's getting darker outside, I think it's going to start raining any minute.

Feeling:  Tired.  Sore.

Opening:  Client files.  I'm always organizing, it's a constant ongoing process.

Thank you for the prompt Sometimes Sweet!


  1. I remember the first time I met WoW friends IRL - a married couple me and my then-husband played with. I was so nervous! They'd been online friends for years but face-to-face stuff is painful and gross. They became some of my best friends. Loving your posts!

  2. We've met a few WoW friends IRL now (I can't tell you how happy I am that you are familiar with this so I don't have to explain my cray). We actually met a chunk of our guild a few years ago, and as a guild we "raided" Disneyland together. It was completely insane, but such a blast. We don't play much any more, or get to chat with our guildies much anymore. Man, I need to log in this weekend!