Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Journal Day #12

Journal Day #12 - Love
Prompt:  Let's talk about love.  Do you believe in the idea of a soul mate?  Do you think there is one person for everyone-and do you think that no matter what, if you're "supposed" to meet that person you will?  This week, talk about your experience with love and discuss what you believe, and also be sure to touch on what helped shape those beliefs.

I do believe in the idea of soul mates.  I am lucky enough to have been found by mine, and even luckier that he married me!  The first time he hugged me there was no doubt he is my one.  David said that was the moment all the cosmic tumblers fell into place.  This part of me that had been missing was found and put where it belonged, I felt at peace and complete.

If I look back I feel like all my choices lead me down the path to meeting David.  With my grades the only college I was able to get into was Western Oregon University.  While at Western I met Fenton, which led me to meeting Cestus.  While being friends with Cestus I was introduced to David.  I talk about some of the journey here.  It was not easy, at the time I had no idea where I was going.  Looking back on all of it, the good and the bad, what I have now shines so bright all that other stuff doesn't matter anymore.  I have my happily ever after.

Thank you for the prompt Sometimes Sweet!

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  1. My sweet father-in-law is always asking people about their meeting, how they felt about each other when they first met, how they fell in love, etc.. When I first met him, I found it invasive (I'm very private, notwithstanding my own blog and the deeply personal details I share there); as I've grown to love him and the way his mind works, I find that I, too, and fascinated by the stories of how people meet and fall in love. It's like sharing a little bit of yourselves and I always want people to do that. :) Thanks for sharing this part of your love story.