Thursday, July 24, 2014

Journal Day #14

Journal Day #14 - Plans
Prompt:  Think about the plans you had for your adult self when you were younger-would you say they match up to your reality today?  What did you wish for your future when you were a child?  Did you have a plan?  And would you say you've followed that plan in any way?  This week, look at the life you hoped to have (even if you consider your childhood "dreams" silly now) and see how your current life compares.

Growing up I wanted to be like my mom.  I wanted to be married and have kids.  I wanted a house, and pets (cats).  And I was going to be a nurse, just like my mom.  Then I discovered I didn't deal well with the sight of blood (translation: I would see blood and pass out).  Being a nurse was no longer party of my vision.  Then I wanted to be a teacher (English or Music), or maybe a librarian.  I would write in my free time.  I wanted to be surrounded by books and office supplies.  I have always liked office supplies.

By the time college rolled around my vision of my future changed a lot.  With the way music programs were being cut left and right a future as a music teacher wasn't too promising.  Grades were also an obstacle for me and getting into the education program and competing with all the others in the program was just not something I could handle.  But that was okay.  I would find something, I would figure things out.  One thing I learned (as much as I hate a plan not working out, or not even having a plan to begin with) was how to roll with things.  I have always done things the hard way, or gone the long way around.  So while my plan was taking some time to reformulate I pursued a business degree with an English minor.

I graduated.  I met and married a wonderful man.  We moved into a lovely home, and adopted a fur-kid.  So I didn't become a teacher.  I did graduate with a business degree and have used that in my job as a I'm a legal assistant (I'm being sarcastic, mostly).  We don't have kids, but I'm finally at peace with that.  I have an amazing relationship with my husband, which I've gushed about before so won't go on and on about how lucky I know I am.  I feel like the important things I wished for happened.  I may not have followed my plan, but I think I learned to follow my path.  I'm happy, and I believe my life turned out better than what I thought I wanted when I was younger.

Thank you for the prompt Sometimes Sweet!

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