Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Taking Stock

Making:  Nothing.  I hope to remedy that, I enjoy sewing when I'm watching TV.  I would like to start making quilt squares.

Cooking:  I made some baked chicken over the weekend, will probably have leftover that tonight.

Drinking:  Coffee.  Followed by water.  I'm going beverage crazy!

Reading:  The Expanse series by James S.A. Corey.  I'm on the second book, Caliban's War.  I need to blog about Leviathan Wakes, the first book in the series.

Looking:  Forward to next month, we have some fun things planned!

Playing:  World of Warcraft (not right now, but some in the evenings and weekends).  I have a cute little panda hunter really close to level 100.

Wasting:  Time.

Sewing:  Nothing right now.  I really need to talk to my mom about the fall leaf pattern I want to turn into quilt squares.

Wishing:  I was at the beach.  I could use some nice ocean air.

Enjoying:  The cooler weather and the crazy rain we had the last few days.

Waiting:  To wake up, I'm groggy.

Liking:  The cooler weather.  I really hate hot days and nights.

Wondering:  What's coming next in the book I'm reading.

Loving:  My husband, always.  My sisters sisters, I miss them when there are gaps in our sister chats,

Hoping:  That this year will be kinder than last year ended up being.  Last year kind of left me feeling a little bruised.

Marveling:  That it's sunny out right now.

Needing:  A nice weekend getaway with David.

Smelling:  Coffee.

Wearing:  Not the PJ's I wish I was still in.  I'm in appropriate adult work attire. /sigh

Following:  Several texts with friends and family.

Noticing:  I'm still not 100% over the cough I had last year.  I'm thankful I didn't get the horrible flu that was going around, I got the cold that seems to stick for a month.

Feeling:  Sleepy, but I could also go for some chocolate or a nice scone with my coffee.

Opening:  The office, time to end this and get ready to start the work day.

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