Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Doing:  Fretting about things I can't control.  So many stupid things in my head, including being frustrated that I've been sick for what feels like the last two months.

Thinking about:  Some fun things that happen this month (assuming I'm not a succubus of the plague).

Watching:  I feel so lost.  I just said good by to two shows I loved very much-The Newsroom and very recently Parenthood.  I distracted myself this weekend by watching all of Downton Abbey, Season 5, which was wonderful!  But now that's done until next season.  Thankfully The Walking Dead comes back this Sunday, and Better Call Saul debuts then as well.  Grey's Anatomy is also back so I have that to look forward to (and catch up on).  Some other guilty pleasures include Moonshiners (they crack me up) and Big Giant Swords (because there are not enough of those).

Looking forward to:  Some time at the beach, and not being sick anymore.  There are things we want to do, and not being sick is kind of important.

Reading:  I'm finishing up the last book (well, the last one that is currently out) in the Expanse Series by James S. A. Corey.  I'm trying to blog about it too, so if you are a follower you already knew this!

Loving:  My husband, my family, and the flat whites from Starbucks.  And peanut butter.

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