Sunday, May 17, 2015

Guest Post: Lucky and Thankful, by David

You've all heard the news that Emily has found a new job in a new place a fair distance from home, and that we're planning to relocate. What's new is that we've found a house and are in the process of purchasing it. This happened yesterday; much sooner than we'd anticipated and quite contrary to our expectations given the state of the real estate market here in northern Oregon.

It's a lovely place--truly a dream home--in a very nice, new development in Beaverton, OR (I will learn to stop giggling about that... maybe). I call it a townhouse, because it reminds me of some of the old brownstone communities in NY and NJ, but the house is fully-detached, meaning we're responsible for all of it, but the only land we own is that which forms the footprint/foundation of the new home. We're giving up a yard (and the maintenance thereof... fist pump) and maybe a bit of privacy, although not much. But what we're gaining is a thriving area chockablock full of variety and culture, something sadly missing in our current area. We'll be closer to (weird in wonderful ways) Portland and Emily's family. And we'll be closer to being able to live the kind of lives we'd always wanted to lead.

Here are some pictures.

These pictures are accurate, but the actual home we purchased is in a different location on the property. Otherwise, if you can imagine it sans furnishings, it's nearly identical to what we're in the process of buying.

I'm feeling lucky and thankful for all kinds of reasons, but today, it's because I have a great partner in my wife and best friend, Emily, who is always willing to share (or, as in this case, initiating) these adventures; I have a really good job, which let's me do crazy things like purchase a new home when I still own my current home (we'll be getting it ready to go on the market in the coming months); and I have some wonderful friends and family who embrace our crazy and share in our passions.

We're having a gathering at our home in Salem this coming Memorial Day weekend, a fitting day to host the last hurrah in our current home. It's an appropriate holiday to say goodbye to the past, to express our gratitude for a truly good life, some of which was borne on the backs of those who have come and gone before us, and to usher in a bright future in a new place, full of promise and adventure.

I am lucky (it wasn't always so) and I am thankful for all that I have and for what the future will bring.


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  1. Oh - it's lovely! I lived in Beaverton (and giggled often about it) for five years and I loved it so much. I would love to move back and get out of Vancouver. So happy for you both and your new home! And I agree with you, David - it does look town-housey. :)