Friday, May 8, 2015

Taking Stock.

Making:  Plans.

Cooking:  I made tacos a few nights ago, but other than that it's all been the magic of David.  Have I mentioned how much I love his cooking?

Drinking:  Coffee in the mornings, always.  David recreated these lovely cucumber gimlets we had at Tidal Raves when we were at the coast last, and we've been enjoying those.  They are a great warmer weather drink.  (Recipe here)

Reading:  I finally started The Strain by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan.  This is the first book in the trilogy.  I don't know why, because I always complain when I read a book and watch the TV show it is based upon.

Looking:  Forward to the weekend, as always.  I'm also looking forward to the road ahead, while it's going to be a bit stressful I think we are making some changes for the better.

Playing: Not much of anything, I've been a bit stressed.

Wasting:  Energy on things that don't deserve it-but I am working on that.

Sewing:  Nothing right now.  I really need to talk to my mom about the fall leaf pattern I want to turn into quilt squares.

Wishing:  Change wasn't so hard, of that I dealt with it better.

Enjoying:  The comfort my relationship with my husband gives me.  No matter what, we approach things as a team.  I know he has my back, just like he knows I have his.

Waiting:  To see how the pieces come together

Liking:  Booze.  Seriously, best part of being an adult.

Wondering:  When the pieces will come together.

Loving:  My husband, always, and my Sisters.

Hoping:  UNSURE

Marveling:  At the sounds of nature outside.  The weather has been warmer, not warm enough for air conditioning, but warm enough to have the windows open.  At night I love listening to the frogs as I fall asleep.  I wish the birds didn't get up so early in the morning, but I still love them too.

Needing:  To remember to inhale and exhale.

Smelling:  The heavenly aroma of dinner-chicken with hints of lemon and rosemary, and potatoes

Wearing:  Pajamas-because I'm done with pants.  I am home and the work day is over and I'm not leaving the couch.

Following:  Some texts with family and friends.

Noticing:  That while I'm still stressed and anxious, I'm feeling a little better about some things.  So I have hope that everything else is going to work out-I know it's not going to be that easy.  But I do have an excellent partner and with him I know we can make it.

Feeling:  Optimistic.

Opening:  A new chapter in our life.  It's time.  This is a good thing-even though right now it's a crazy stressful thing.

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