Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy in My Own Skin

I knew before I even started down the path, that having tattoos I was going to get all kinds of responses to them.  The people around me, or who had to look at me every day, are nothing but supportive.  I put thought into any tattoo before I get it done, it is going to be with me forever.  I also made sure whatever I have done I can cover with a sweater-because you know, work.  As a result, I haven't really received any negative feedback.  I tend to run cold, so I wear sweaters more often than not, so tattoos and work have not been an issue.  The only people close to me that were not thrilled were my parents.  I expected that reaction from them.  But, they love me and want me to be happy and have mostly come around.

Yesterday was a different experience.  While buying some important items at Bi-Mart (peanuts for our murder of crows) a lady came up to me and said something like "Aren't you going to feel bad ruining your friends and families pictures with you tattoos?"  I guess maybe I was asking for it somewhat, I wasn't wearing my sweater.  It was a really nice day and I was too warm with it on.  At any rate, I was really surprised by the comment.  If it had been "sharkweek" I probably would have been more bitchy in my response, but I kept my cool.  I said something like "Not that it's any of your business, but I surround myself with supportive people who just want me to by happy and don't care what I look like."  I walked away before she could say anything else, or before I could.

Why do people feel like they can say things like that?  What about me said "Hey, ask me a potentially hurtful question?"  I understand that it's just part of the choice I made.  People are either really accepting, or really judgmental.  Thankfully I've been pretty lucky in my encounters, and really I am surrounded by a great group of family and friends.  I am more happy in my skin than I have ever been-which says a lot since I've always been a shy chunky girl.  I love the art that is now a part of me, and I love finally feeling happy in my own skin.

Yup, its me.  That lovely bird is just under a week old!

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