Thursday, March 5, 2015

Taking Stock

Making:  Nothing.

Cooking:  I haven't really done much cooking lately.  I've been uninspired in the kitchen.  I am kind of craving tacos.  May have to fix that at some point this week (or next).

Drinking:  Coffee, hopefully followed by wine (after work that is)

Reading:  Old Man's War but John Scalzi.  I've been enjoying reading, and I've been reading a lot.  I have some blog posts I need to finish and share but it's so hard to put down the book sometimes!

Looking:  Forward to the weekend.  I either want to go through some of my junk, or just have some quality down time with my sweetie.

Playing: World of Warcraft, although not as much.  Letting a tattoo heal, and am enjoying staring blankly at the TV after work.  (It requires less thought)  Can't seem to get into running around and doing stuff, but maybe that will change as my arm is starting to feel less funny.

Wasting:  Time.

Sewing:  Nothing right now.  I really need to talk to my mom about the fall leaf pattern I want to turn into quilt squares.

Wishing:  It was the weekend.  For some reason, work has just been work.  Overwhelming and frustrating.

Enjoying:  The cooler weather, and the fact that it's green and lovely outside.

Waiting:  For this week to be over.  I know, it's only Thursday, but it's been kind of a wonky week that I could do without.

Liking:  The Chef Soundtrack.  I have been wanting it and finally caved yesterday and bought it.  I do not regret it one bit!

Wondering:  When this year is going to get better-it's been kind of a downer.

Loving:  My husband, always, and my Sisters.

Hoping:  That this year will get better.

Marveling:  That I'm suffering from allergies.  It's all green and blooming here, while meanwhile in the mid-west/east coast people are buried in snow.  I feel bad complaining but I have concerns what the real allergy season is going to be like!

Needing:  More time with my husband.  It's time to plan another weekend getaway, but I'll take cuddle movie time and be just as happy!

Smelling:  Coffee, my mug is close at hand and the coffee is still hot and fresh.

Wearing:  Not the PJ's I wish I was still in.  I'm in appropriate adult work attire. /sigh

Following:  Work email-always so much going on and I'm having trouble staying current (I blame allergies)

Noticing:  That I've been REALLY (really) grumpy lately.  I don't know if I'm just feeling not myself, or what.  But yeah, I've been a grump.

Feeling:  Sleepy and hungry.  I could also go for some chocolate or a nice scone with my coffee.

Opening:  The office, time to end this and get ready to start the work day.

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