Thursday, April 30, 2015

Book: The Last Colony by John Scalzi

The Last Colony is the third book in the Old Man's War universe by John Scalzi.  We follow John Perry and Jane Sagan in their new life together after finishing their time with the CDF.  They have adopted Zoe Boutin, the daughter of Charles Boutin (from The Ghost Brigades).  They are offered a chance to be leaders in a new colony, and after some deliberation they decide to accept.  Zoe's Obin protectors, Hickory and Dickory, warn Perry that things may be amiss.  Hickory and Dickory very diligently protect Zoe.  They hold her as very special due to the gift of consciousness her father gave them.  Perry can trust that they would not do anything to put Zoe in harm.  They proceed to Roanoke.  When they get to Roanoke they learn something was indeed amiss.  A specially modified member of the CDF special forces is waiting for them, I kind of envisioned him as a talking space turtle.  He tells them they were sent to this location because the real Roanoke location was known to a group that is fighting colonization, the Conclave.  He also tells them they can't go back, the ship has been rigged not to be able to return, and they can't use their electronic devices because they may be detected that way.  Needless to say that caused a whole set of problems they expect to have to deal with.  Thankfully, some of the settlers that came with them are "Amish" and used things that did not embrace modern technology.  They were able to help the colony start farming, and taking care of the livestock.  There was more political stuff in this book, and if you remember from my last review how I feel about that then you can probably guess how felt in this book.  The group Perry and the settlers were "hiding" from find Roanoke.  The leader for the Conclave, General Gau, visits Perry on the planet and gives him his options-which are basically join the Conclave and they will let them go home or to another planet, or don't and the Conclave will blow up the settlement.  Through his interaction with Gau, Perry has more questions about what is really going on with the Conclave and the CDF.  Once again, Perry feels like someone is hiding the truth and he tries to get to the bottom of things.  And apparently there is a really mean werewolf type species on the planet that it terrorizing the colony.  I'm sorry for the crappy review, I just had a hard time getting into this and staying interested.   I really liked the first book in this series. but lost interest in the second and third and have no desire to read the fourth (which is essentially The Last Colony but told from Zoe's point of view).

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